Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heaven in "Hell's Kitchen"

Yes, that "Hell's Kitchen!" Chef Gordon Ramsay, film crew, and the current contestants from the popular Fox television show visited our beloved Paso Robles on Monday. Go Paso! Hosted by the lovely folks at Meridian Vineyards, contestants were filmed during a wine blending seminar in their gianormous Barrel Chai. Following the demonstration, we provided a "Rewards" dinner buffet for everyone. Chef Ramsay was very warm and gracious. I nearly swallowed my tongue when he asked "What are we having?"

Apparently, female chefs are few and far between in the UK. He seemed impressed that not one, but TWO females were responsible for preparing the group's meal. High five ladies! Thank you to my dear Corinne from Panacea Event Floral Design for providing a calm presence and help with styling our buffet presentation. Corinne's hilarious take on it all can be found in the Whimsey Files.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Jennie

What a great picture. I am so proud of you. Way to good girl!!!!!!!