Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a blast creating spooky stations for Trilogy's Halloween Party (forgive the crude photos, there was no fancy photographer there to capture the moment). From "Baked Bones" and "Fungus Salads" to "Dead Man's Ribs" with "Moldy Mashers," guests experienced some extraordinarily gross fare.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Fall Tasting Event

Want to know what your vendors are doing after the party is over? We are being darn silly in Mike Larson's photobooth. At our Fall Tasting event, our guests were introduced to our new verticle appetizer buffet and Panacea's lush floral"centerpieces" suspended over our lazy susan displayed tapas. Larson's photobooth was a huge hit and everyone left with a little memento from our lovely Sunday gathering.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Introducing the "Send off Picnic"

Does anyone REALLY eat at their own wedding? Seems like there are too many people, formalities and excitement to think about sitting down for 5 minutes to eat. Thus, our latest addition to the Trumpet Vine experience for our couples. The "Send off Picnic " features an insulated picnic basket packed with "Leftovers for Lovers" (various appetizers and dishes from the reception menu). We make sure this gets tucked into the getaway car at the end of the evening so our newlyweds can munch and relax privately back at their suite. When it is all said and done, our couples have a little memento from their wedding caterer to last a lifetime.

Backstage at the California Mid-State Fair

This was our 4th year as the caterer for backstage artist, support and crews at the California Mid-State Fair's 10-day event. This is some of our shiny happy crew sweating it out in the Paso heat. Take note of our sweet new salad buffet in the pictures above. The CMSF bought it this year and we love it. It takes so little to make us caterers happy. We had a great time and Chef Hope got to prepare chicken for Toby Keith while he chatted her up at the BBQ. Woohoo! That is about the extent of the glamour we experienced.
Can't wait to see the line-up for 2009!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meghan & Matt

This couple is too cool for school. Meghan and Matt were gracious, hilarious and obviously the best of friends. Lots of beautiful people and oh the details. I officially love yellow now. Their rustic Willow Creek Olive Ranch affair was full of amazing music and a big family style dinner. Allyson Magda captured this joyous celebration in every frame.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Jamie & Kevin

Oh goodie, Larson's blog let me lift a photo from Jamie & Kevin's wedding this weekend. Thank you Mike!

I really enjoyed getting to know this couple over the past year of their wedding planning. Their mantra "Life is a game, play it. Life is love, enjoy it" resonated over the entire wedding. The overwhelming love and energy surrounding Jamie and Kevin's big day easily overshadowed the random cool weather we experienced Saturday. And what a first dance! Cheers to life full of laughter and fun together. Thank you for giving Trumpet Vine the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful occasion.

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